You Butter Believe It

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“You can make learning fun by having your children cook with you.” -Barb White, LEAD Foundation Board Member and mom of a child with learning disabilities. 

Cooking together is a great family activity, especially for children with learning disabilities or ADHD. I recommend purchasing a visual cookbook that will make it easier for your kiddos to follow.

Not only will cooking teach your kids basic life skills, but they’ll also get to practice their reading and math. The sense of accomplishment they’ll get once your family eats the meal is the cherry on top, boosting their self confidence. (And you’ll get some one-on-one time with your child!)

Do your kids go to the grocery store with you or help you order groceries online? Let them put their math skills to good use and have them help pay.

If you haven’t heard of The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs: Learning a Life Skill with Fun, Tasty, Healthy Recipes by Deborah French, you should check it out. She’s a mother to children with special needs. This book includes the different food groups, healthy eating habits and simple, step-by-step instructions accompanied by illustrations to help guide your kiddos.

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