Tricks to Halloween Treats

In Advice for Parents by admin

The trick to making Halloween full of treats is getting rid of itchy costumes and planning ahead for trick-or-treating.

First, if your child doesn’t have a costume yet, think of ways to make it more comfortable. I know parents who have used PJs and sweat suits to create awesome costumes! Look for looser costumes or items than can go over your child’s usual outfits. Hats are a good option, too.

It’s also a good idea to plan the trick-or-treating route and show your child ahead of time. You might want to limit the houses you go to and keep them to people your child knows.

If you’re worried about all the candy your child will get, plan for a swap. You could exchange the candy for money, arts & crafts or whatever they enjoy. It’s a fun win-win!

Happy Halloween!