Tips for Tackling Homework

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Before we share a few tips for tackling homework, do you know your child’s learning style?

To make homework easier, you need to know the answer these questions:
▪ When is the best time for your child to do homework: right after school, after a snack, etc.?
▪ Is a quiet environment better or should we have music on?
▪ What are some good snacks to have on hand?
▪ Should we start with the easiest or the hardest homework?
▪ Would a tutor help more than me?

Think of how you can turn homework from a struggle into a safe space they want to participate in!


Make learning fun!:
▪ Use games to encourage learning
▪ Let your child use crayons or markers, if possible


Create a study space:
▪ Remove any distractions
▪ Make it comfortable


Don’t be afraid to ask to for help:

  • Hire a tutor
  • Get resources from the school or tutor