Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off to Camp We Go!

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“Summer camps are a great way for child with learning disabilities or ADHD to become more independent, learn coping skills and retain their hard-earned skills from the school year while having fun.” -Barb White, LEAD Foundation Board Member and mom of a child with learning disabilities. 

If you child is like most children with learning disabilities, they are probably glad school is over, so let’s turn your struggling student into a happy camper this summer!

What does your child like to do? What is he or she go at doing? Take your child’s interests, passions and strengths and find a summer camp.

Before signing your child up, talk to them to understand all worries and wishes. Do they want to stick with something they know or do they want to explore something new? Once you have a theme, talk to your child about day and overnight camps.

When packing your child’s bag, I recommend putting in happy letters and cards they can read during camp. Avoid, “I miss you!”. Throw in some surprise puzzle books and markers, so they can draw about their day during “Toe’s Up” time.

While you’re driving your child to camp, don’t make any promises they can call you. But let them know you’re leaving your information, dietary needs and medicines with the camp counselor and nurse.

You can see a list of camps at http://find.acacamps.org.