LEAD School Program

What is it?

“You learn what’s going on in your brain. You find out what doesn’t make you alone in the world. You learn the weakest part of yourself, but with that comes strength.”

-Jamie Galvan

Student Development

When students learn the science behind their learning disabilities and/or ADHD they become self advocates in school and in life.

Classroom Culture

Instead of desks, the LEAD classroom is tailored to students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD: bean bags, a couch and tables. It is also a safe haven for students to share how their days are going.

Student Mentorship

LEAD students help elementary kids understand their disabilities and how they can affect their educational experiences.

Community Presentations

Our students are asked to to give presentations on what their experiences have been like in school and how LEAD has impacted them at local and national conferences for students, parents and educators.

Bring LEAD to your school.