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“LEAD has given me confidence and opened up my eyes to the different struggles we all have,” says Jamie, who has dyslexia. “It’s been eye opening. It’s also helped me to be more understanding with people and their situations.”

She was part of our 20th graduating high school class in 2018, and was so impressed with LEAD, she’s volunteering with the LEAD Foundation.

“LEAD is a great program,” Jamie says. “It’s something that could change lives, and it could open up many high school students to greater and better opportunities because they just don’t have the materials to get them there without LEAD.”

In addition to learning how to advocate for herself, Jamie explains how she and her classmates learned about their weaknesses in the LEAD classroom.

“You learn what’s going on in your brain. You get to know the way you think and why you think that way. You find out what doesn’t make you alone in the world. You learn the weakest part of yourself, but with that comes strength,” she says with a big smile.

But Jamie’s favorite part of LEAD was the relationships she made with other students with disabilities. “Building that bond is so powerful,” Jamie explains. “Our passion and our connection show through.”

When Jamie’s not going to classes at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and studying theatre and drama, you can find her focusing on how to make the LEAD classroom a staple in all U.S. high schools.

“We are striving to make bigger impacts,” Jamie says. “We’re going to get there!”

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