The Best of Both Worlds

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“If you’re looking for summer activities for children with learning disabilities or ADHD, think of activities that are fun and reinforce skills.” -Barb White, LEAD Foundation Board Member and mom of a child with learning disabilities. 

Here are some ideas that do both:

  • Use sidewalk chalk to practice letters and shapes or practice spelling words (allow them to be creative)
  • Count by two as you toss a ball (tetherball, volleyball, soccer ball, football or baseball)
  • Use spray paint or paint brushes with water to draw shapes, letters and concepts such as larger, smaller, left and right
  • Tap out patterns with spoons, piano sticks or rocks
  • Play a card game like War.

I limited screen time for my children and allowed them to earn “screen time” by reading, playing educational games or sending a friend or relative a home-made art project or card.  

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