About the LEAD Foundation


To support students with, and educate others about, learning disabilities and ADHD


The LEAD Foundation, established in 2002, provides unique resources for students, parents and educators who experience the challenges surrounding learning disabilities. The Foundation supports students’ social, emotional and intellectual growth by helping them develop self-advocacy, resiliency and higher education skills. We support initiatives and policy aimed at educating and facilitating change in society’s perceptions associated with learning disabilities.

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Think LEAD would be a great asset at your school? Find out more about our LEAD School Program.

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Board Members & Staff

We wouldn’t be able to help our students as well as we do without our fabulous team! 

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Everyone deserves the chance to succeed. We have a scholarship program to ensure that finances don’t stand in the way.

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We are hoping to bring this program to every state. Help make LEAD possible for everyone! 

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